Religious Life of the School

The religious life of the school teaches students how to be religious in the Catholic Christian tradition and encourages faith development through our regular practices of daily classroom prayer, class-lead assemblies and liturgical celebrations.  Significant feast days such as Ash Wednesday and St Joseph’s Feast Day are celebrated throughout the year.  Classes celebrate a class liturgies across the year.  Parental participation is warmly encouraged.  Parents and students are expected to attend Parish Family Masses across the year.   
The Religious Life of the School comprises four interrelated components: Religious Identity and Culture; Evangelisation and Faith Formation; Prayer and Worship; and Social Action and Justice. Each of these components at St Joseph’s Kangaroo Point provides a significant focus on a distinctive aspect of the religious life of the school. The Religion Curriculum and the Religious Life of the School are interrelated; complementing and strengthening our school’s identity and culture.
St Joseph’s students are involved in various social action and justice initiatives with our Year 6 Mercy Action Leaders organizing various fundraising events across the year. 
Sacramental Program 
St Joseph’s supports the Parish community’s parish-based, family-centred approach to sacramental initiation.  This process, which is in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, reflects the fact the Confirmation and First Communion complete the journey of initiation into a faith community. 
Each family in the Kangaroo Point and East Brisbane Parish has the right to decide for itself when children are ready to complete the sacramental process, which can begin once children reach Year 3 of primary school. 
Archdiocesan policy suggests that children undertake the Sacrament of Confirmation in year 3, Second Rite of Reconciliation and the Sacraments of Eucharist in year 4.  Students in year 5 are encouraged to make their First Rite of Reconciliation. 
For more information about the Sacraments of Initiation contact the Parish Office. 

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