Sport at St Joseph's

St Joseph’s believes physical and outdoor education are important components of each student's education and development.  Our extensive sporting co-curricular activities​, allow students the opportunity to discover and enjoy a diverse range of sport and outdoor activities.
All students at St Joseph’s Primary School participate in a dynamic physical education program on a weekly basis. Students perform a wide range of activities to develop body and spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor movements and manipulative skills within a very positive and supportive learning environment. 
Our Years 4 to 6 Students participate in the Lytton District interschool sporting programs as well as Zone Athletics and Gala days throughout the year.  Students also have the opportunity to progress to district, regional, state and national representation in most sports.
We pride ourselves at St Josephs for offering our students quality extra-curricular opportunities and we support many programs such as Auskick, Brisbane Roar Schools Program, Milo Cricket, Tennis.  
Interhouse Sports
The school houses MacKillop, McAuley and O’Connell compete annually in  Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals.  The main focus of these events is developing within each child a positive attitude towards participation and competition.