Daily Routine

​​The Daily School Routine

The school gates open at 8:00am. Children will always receive 'duty of care' while they are at School. However, it should be well understood that supervision of children begins at 8:20am each morning. If care is required before this time it is necessary for parents to enrol children in the Outside School Hours Care Program (OSHC) and pay the required fee. For more information please contact the St Joseph’s Primary School OSHC Coordinator on 3393 0067 or by email at kangroopointoshc@catholicearlyedcare.qld.edu.au.

Once children enter the school grounds, they are asked to gather in MacKillop Place this is a meeting and greeting time without play. Parents and children are not permitted in classrooms without a teacher or member of staff being present. It is very important that children arrive at school ready for classes to commence promptly at 8.45am.

Classes conclude each day at 2:55pm. After school, the children waiting to be collected by parents should gather at the supervised Kiss and Go Zone near Administration. Here they will be supervised until 3:15pm. Any children still waiting after 3:15pm will wait outside the front office, supervised by an adult and their parents/carers will be contacted to determine when they will be picked up.

8:20am​ Morning Supervision begins​
​8:45am ​Teacher greets students in MacKillop​ Place
​8:50am ​Session 1 begins
​10:55am ​First Break Bell
​11:30am ​Session 2 begins
​1:30pm ​Second Break Bell
​1:55pm ​Session 3 begins
​2:55pm ​School finishes