Student Protection Processes


Our school operates under Brisbane Catholic Education's Student Protection Processes and these are attached for your reference:
Our School has the following Student Protection Contacts:
Micheal O'Sullivan - Principal
Sally Smith - APRE
Raelene Campbell - Guidance Counsellor
Jenny Little - PLL
Volunteer Student Protection Training
Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) and St Joseph’s gives student protection the highest priority.
In 2017 Brisbane Catholic Education  has mandated that all volunteers with St Joseph’s and, for that fact any Brisbane Catholic Education  School, have completed an online Student Protection course.
If you are volunteering for class excursions, classroom help, technology lunches etc this training will need to be completed before you can volunteer at school. 
The course itself takes approximately 30 mins to complete.
This training supersedes any previous volunteer registers or applications.
Volunteers with Blue Cards are also required to complete this training. Below is the link to the training. Please call the office if you have any queries.