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Privacy Policy

Brisbane Catholic Education is responsible for the administration of approximately 140 Catholic primary and secondary schools and colleges within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, including St Joseph's Primary School.

This Privacy Policy applies to schools administered by Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) and sets out how each school and the BCE Office (BCEO) manages personal information provided to or collected by it. 

Anti Bullying Policy.pdfAnti Bullying Policy.pdf

Birthday Invitations Policy.pdfBirthday Invitations Policy.pdf

Early Years Policy.pdfEarly Years Policy.pdf

Homework for Students on Leave  Policy.pdfHomework for Students on Leave Policy.pdf

Inclusive Education Policy.pdfInclusive Education Policy.pdf

Learning and Teaching Policy.pdfLearning and Teaching Policy.pdf

Student Protection Policy.pdfStudent Protection Policy.pdf

Sun Smart Policy.pdfSun Smart Policy.pdf

Sustainability Policy.pdfSustainability Policy.pdf

Social Media Policy June 2016.pdfSocial Media Policy June 2016.pdf

Grievence & Complaints Policy 2018.pdf

CCTV Policy 2018.pdf

Anti Bullying Policy 2018.pdf

School Fees Policy.pdf

If you would like to view to BCE Complaints Policy please click on the below link.

School Related Complaints Fact Sheet