Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

I warmly welcome you to St Joseph’s Primary School, Kangaroo Point. With over 147 years of Catholic Education in Kangaroo Point, St Joseph’s is one of the oldest Catholic Primary schools in Brisbane. St Joseph’s also shares a rich history with Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop who founded the school in 1870, and the Sisters of Mercy who, in 1880, began teaching in the Parish. 

It is a great privilege to lead and be part of such a warm and welcoming community where all children, parents and staff are known to one another and where community involvement is encouraged. Our school comprises many families from all walks of life, and many different ethnicities, cultures, races, and religions. Here at St Joseph’s we are proud of this diversity and willingly cultivate it, encouraging our students to learn about and appreciate the heritage of those within our community. 

As Principal, my goal is to work with families, students and staff to foster a learning environment based on the values of Christ, especially kindness and respect for each other, compassion for the needs of all, and the genuine celebration of individual differences. Our school prides itself on a commitment to Jesus’ teachings and the teachings of the Gospel are central to all of our endeavours, and indeed the centre and source of all Catholic life. As a part of the St Joseph’s Kangaroo Point and St Benedict’s East Brisbane Parish, the students, parents and staff of St Joseph’s Primary School are also a part of this wider parish family. 

Students are actively encouraged by our committed and professional staff, to develop to their fullest potential. I firmly believe each and every one of our students has a variety of rich talents, gifts and interests. When these are affirmed and encouraged in a spirit of openness, respect and trust, our students become well-rounded productive members of their community. At St Joseph’s we encourage all students to participate and get involved through a variety of extra-curricular activities, encouraging them to use their talents in areas of interest to them. Music drama, after-school sport and a number of other programs continually challenge students and help build self-confidence. 

All research indicates that parents have a critical role to play in the education of their child. As a community we strive to support each other, work with each other, and live in harmony with one another, for the benefit and well-being of the students here at St Joseph’s Primary School. Our website offers a glimpse of this community-based environment which will introduce you to our school, our students and our Christian ethos.

Our school has much for which to be thankful – our picturesque setting and grounds, our supportive staff, fully refurbished facilities, fine students and families, our rich history and a very promising, creative and innovative future.

Micheal O’Sullivan 2009 - M.Ed (Leadership); Grad.Dip.Edn (Religious Education); Bach. Theology; Bach Teaching; Certificate in Systematic Theology, MACE